Conductor Repair Products

Conductor repair products including Professional Repair Kit, Gold Contact Repair Kit and Circuit Bonding System.

Professional Repair Kit used to repair damaged circuit boards  
Professional Repair Kit 201-2100
This circuit board repair kit includes everything needed for a wide range of circuit board repair needs. The Professional Repair Kit is designed to be used for the following applications: surface mount and BGA pad repair, circuit and land repair, plated hole repair, gold edge contact repair, solder mask and base board repair. This is the most popular circuit board repair kit we sell.

Gold Contact Repair Kit used to repair damaged gold edge contacts  
Gold Contact Repair Kit 201-1120
Repairing gold edge contacts on circuit boards is delicate work, but this circuit board repair kit helps make the process easier and more reliable. You simply select the correct size and shape of gold plated contact from the circuit frames which are included in this kit and bond it in place. The replacement circuits have a dry film, adhesive backing that is activated and cured with heat and pressure. This gold contact repair method restores your boards to their original level of performance and reliability.

Circuit Frames used to replace pads, lands and conductors  
Circuit Frames
Circuit Frames allow you to replace damaged surface mount pads, lands and conductors without the mess of liquid epoxy, with a bond strength equal to the original, in just a few minutes. Circuit Frames come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all with a dry-film adhesive backing, activated and cured with heat and pressure. Trim out the circuit you need and bond it to the circuit board surface using a Bonding Iron or Circuit Bonding System with the appropriate Bonding Tip.

Circuit Bonding System bonds surface mount and BGA pads  
Circuit Bonding System 115-3118
The Circuit Bonding System is the best, calibrated system for bonding adhesive film backed circuits and is ideally suited for bonding small patterns including surface mount and BGA pads. This bonding press not only gives the operator better control over the bonding process, but also ensures optimal adhesion and repeatability. Includes a built-in calibration slide to maintain a regulated bonding force depending upon the circuit pattern size and shape. The digital temperature controller maintains a uniform temperature throughout the 30-second bonding cycle.

Bonding Tips
The Bonding Tips fit into the hand held Bonding Iron (part number 115-3102) and the Circuit Bonding System. The bottom machined surface of each Bonding Tip is used to apply heat and pressure to bond the adhesive backed replacement pads, edge contacts, and lands to the circuit board surface.

Circuit Track Kit used to repair damaged PCB tracks  
Circuit Track Kit 201-3130
Thanks to Circuit Tracks, it's now easier than ever to repair damaged circuits. Circuit Tracks are rectangular shaped conductors made of 99.9% pure copper. The rectangular ribbons closely conform to the original conductor dimensions. The replacement Circuit Track is bonded in place using a prepackaged epoxy which is included in this kit. The Circuit Track Kit is a great time and labor-saver and an easy solution to repairing missing or damaged circuits and conductors.

Plated Hole Repair Kit used to repair damaged plated through holes  
Plated Hole Repair Kit 201-3140
Plated Hole Repair Kit includes all the tools and materials you'll need to repair damaged plated through holes in circuit boards. This circuit board repair kit includes a variety of eyelet sizes, carbide ball mills for drilling, and setting tools to form the eyelets conforming to IPC guidelines.

Circuit board eyelets for plated hole repair  
Circuit Board Eyelets
A comprehensive listing of eyelets for plated hole repair. Eyelets are brass or copper, electroplated with tin unless otherwise specified.

Circuit board eyelet press 110-5202  
Circuit Board Eyelet Press 110-5202
Rugged, heavy duty circuit board eyelet press precisely forms eyelets in circuit boards for repair or assembly. Eyelet press has 6.5" throat depth to accommodate 12" wide circuit boards. This eyelet press will deliver years of maintenance-free reliable production.

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