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Chapter 9 - BGA Component Rework Procedures

The BGA component rework procedures chapter of the circuit board repair guide includes procedures for removing and replacing BGA components.

Man working at BGA rework stationpad 9.1.1 Process Flow for BGA Component Rework
Covers general process flow for BGA component rework.

Inspection methods for BGA reworkpad 9.1.2 Inspection Methods for BGA Components
Covers general inspection methods for BGA components.

Establishing BGA rework profilepad 9.2.1 Development of a BGA Component Rework Profile Using the Standard Method
This process covers the development and criteria for establishing profiles for BGA removal and replacement.

BGA rework profile smart track methodpad 9.2.2 Development of a BGA Component Rework Profile Using the Smart Track Method
This procedure covers the development of thermal profiles for BGA component removal and replacement using the Air-Vac Smart Track BGA Rework System. The procedure will automatically develop an optimized profile.

Man working at BGA rework stationpad 9.3.1 Hot Gas Method for Eutectic Solder Ball BGA Rework
This procedure covers the most commonly used methods for replacing Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA) components and Ceramic Ball Grid Array (CBGA) components.

BGA component reballing, fixture methodpad 9.4.1 Reballing BGA Components Using Replacement Balls & a Special Fixture
This procedure covers reballing of BGA components.

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