Base Board Repair Products

Base board repair products to perform repairs including burns, cracks, delamination, measling, and coatings.

Professional Repair Kit used to repair damaged circuit boards  
Professional Repair Kit 201-2100
This circuit board repair kit includes everything needed for a wide range of circuit board repair needs. The Professional Repair Kit is designed to be used for the following applications: surface mount and BGA pad repair, circuit and land repair, plated hole repair, gold edge contact repair, solder mask and base board repair. This is the most popular circuit board repair kit we sell.

Base Board Repair Kit used to repair damage to base board material  
Base Board Repair Kit 201-3110
Most types of damage to base board material can be repaired with this versatile base board repair kit. The kit is industry approved and meets IPC guidelines. The kit includes epoxies and color agents. The high strength, high temperature epoxy withstands demanding physical environments.

Circuit board epoxy for ciruit repair  
Circuit Bond Kit 115-1322: Liquid circuit board epoxy
Circuit Bond Kit contains 10 packages of clear, low viscosity, superior strength epoxy ideal for circuit board use. The epoxy is precisely measured out into two-compartment plastic packages. This adhesive is easy to use and there's no measuring.

Color Agents for Circuit Boards
Matching epoxy to the color of the circuit board being repaired is easy when you use a color agent. Color agents may also be applied directly to the circuit board surface for color matching.

Micro Drill System used for drilling, grinding, cutting circuit boards  
Micro Drill System 110-4105
The Micro Drill System is a repair technician's dream and is ideal for milling, drilling, grinding, cutting and sanding circuit boards. It removes coating, cuts circuits, cuts leads, drills holes, cuts slots, shapes FR4 and performs many other procedures using various interchangeable bits. Unlike most hand-held tools, the Micro Drill has a tiny, high speed DC motor in the hand piece, eliminating cumbersome drive cables and giving you better control. A separate power supply keeps the hand piece lightweight and reduces operator fatigue. Base unit has controls for forward/reverse and speed up to 45,000 RPM.

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