B4-672-2727-100 Flextac BGA Rework Stencil (Pkg. of 10)

B4-672-2727-100 BGA rework stencil is used for applying solder paste for BGA rework.

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B4-672-2727-100 BGA Rework Stencil
B4-672-2727-100 BGA Rework Stencil
Features and Benefits

Self-stick adhesive backing seals around pads to prevent solder
  paste bleed
Laser cut ensures precise aperture size
Disposable, reduce operator exposure to hazardous chemicals
Flexible, conform to board surface
Fold-up sides for easy placement and solder paste containment
Low cost

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Part Number Thickness Aperture Balls Ball Pattern Pitch Component
B4-672-2727-100 .004" (0.102mm) .020" (0.508mm) 672 26 x 26
Full Array
.039" (1.00mm) 27mm x 27mm

If you've been using metal stencils for BGA rework, we have some great news for you. Typical BGA rework stencils are made from metal and require fixturing or taping to position them and hold them in place. Flextac BGA Stencils are laser cut from high quality, anti-static polymer film with a residue free adhesive backing. Because they're self sticking no tape or fixturing is needed. The adhesive backing seals around each BGA pad to prevent solder paste from bleeding under the stencil when solder paste is applied. Flextac stencils are easy to use and leave no residue on the board surface. They're truly a unique product. (See also: Circuit Board Repair Kits).

How Flextac BGA Rework Stencils Work

Select BGA stencil
1. Select BGA stencil

    Step 1

Select the proper BGA stencil size and fold up the side tabs. The side tabs prevent overspill of solder paste onto the circuit board surface.
Peel cover film from BGA stencil
2. Peel cover film from BGA stencil

    Step 2

Peel off the cover film from the BGA stencil exposing the adhesive backing. This tape-like adhesive holds the stencil in place and seals around each BGA pad to prevent solder paste bleed.
Place BGA stencil
3. Place BGA stencil

    Step 3

Place BGA stencil in position using the handy side tabs. Once in place the adhesive back will prevent movement.
Apply paste to BGA stencil
4. Apply paste to BGA stencil

    Step 4

Apply paste to BGA stencil using a standard metal squeegee. You can make several passes with the squeegee to ensure paste is fully deposited in each opening.
Remove BGA stencil
5. Remove BGA stencil

    Step 5

Remove the BGA stencil and save for another reuse or dispose. You're now ready to place a new BGA component.

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