Damaged circuit board needs repairpadOnline Repair Guidebook
Comprehensive online
circuit board repair guide
based on popular IPC

Circuit board epoxy for circuit repairpadCircuit Bond Kit
Pre-measured epoxy for
circuit repair packaged
in two-compartment

Professional Repair Kit used to repair damaged circuit boardspadProfessional Repair Kit
This circuit board repair
kit has everything you
need to repair multiple
types of board damage.

Plated Hole Repair Kit used to repair damaged plated through holespadPlated Hole Repair Kit
This kit includes
eyelets and tools for
plated hole repair
on circuit boards.

Bonding System bonds surface mount and BGA padspadBonding System
System designed to
repair lifted and damaged
conductors, pads,
BGA pads, SMT pads.

Eyelet Press forms eyelets in circuit boardspadEyelet Press
Heavy duty eyelet press
precisely forms eyelets
in circuit boards for
repair or assembly.

Circuit Frames used to replace pads, lands and conductorspadCircuit Frames
Replace damaged SMT
pads, lands, and edge
contacts without using
messy liquid epoxy.

Circuit Track Kit used to repair damaged PCB trackspadCircuit Track Kit
Kit has everything you
need to repair damaged
circuits and conductors.

Micro Drill System used for drilling, grinding, cutting circuit boardspadMicro Drill System
Ideal for milling,
drilling, grinding,
cutting and sanding
circuit boards.

Flextac Wire Dots bond jumper wires to circuit boardspadFlextac Wire Dots
Finally a neat and
fast way to bond
jumper wires to
circuit boards.

Gold Contact Repair KitpadGold Contact Repair Kit
Kit includes replacement
edge contacts that are
nickel and gold plated.

Prototype Boards from SchmartboardpadPrototype Boards
Support through
hole and surface
mount components.

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